Get to know our team: Josef

Josef Asaad – Sourcing Intern

Josef, please introduce yourself quickly 

Hello! My name is Josef, and I am a Sourcing Intern at Colonia. I was born and raised in Cologne with a Palestinian heritage, speaking five languages (more or less). I am currently in the last semester of my International Business Bachelor’s. There, I had the opportunity to spend time studying for one semester in Spain. My job here is to contact and gain new partners for Colonia and help the company to grow. 

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

Every day I can learn something new. Being from diverse backgrounds and learning from each other makes working in the team enjoyable.

How does success look like for you at Colonia? 

Every step I take that helps Colonia grow is a success for me – every call, every meeting I initiate with new potential partners. But seeing then new partners onboarding and seeing that the work paid off is second to none.

What makes your heart beat faster? 

Arabic food, football, traveling, and good weather. I love Arabic food, especially desserts. My perfect day would be combining everything: eating Arabic food while watching a football game in a bar outside on a sunny day abroad. 

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