Get to know our team: Leopold

Leopold Sörger – Working Student Finance

Leopold, please introduce yourself quickly 

Hi, my name is Leo. I have a business background and I am supporting the finance team at Colonia as a working student. I am passionate about finance and new mobility solutions, hence Colonia is the perfect place to work for me.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I love working in a passionate and driven team where we realize and adapt new processes and technologies in a rapid speed.  

How does success look like for you at Colonia? 

I believe that success comes from empowering businesses in the highly competitive logistics industry to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. Our commitment lies in consistently surpassing our financial targets, all while prioritizing innovation and delivering excellent customer service.

What makes your heart beat faster? 

Engaging in a variety of sports and outdoor activities, such as running, biking, sailing, golfing, and hiking, is what ignites my passion. The exhilaration of pushing my limits, connecting with nature, and exploring new horizons is what truly makes me feel alive. 

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