Get to know our team: Kate

Katerina Kastova – Product Manager

Kate, please introduce yourself quickly.

Hello, I’m Kate and I’m a product manager at Colonia. I’m Ukrainian and came to Berlin two months ago when I decided to join the company.

I love how our company sets goals and approaches work. We are driven, fast and almost always make our vision a reality. I am very happy to meet and work in this amazing environment!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy working with a team and making complex things more accessible. I take responsibility and find appropriate solutions. What I am excited about is the feeling of realizing that everything is possible and all good ideas will be brought to life.

What does success mean to you at Colonia?

As a product manager, my job is to ensure the best experience of every customer and constantly working on improvements and higher quality. I think about how to solve problems and how to improve the website (e.g. adding new features). Success means for me achieving a certain vision, like making Colonia the best provider of commercial vehicles.

Success for me is not a constant. Being able to improve a feature (or myself) every day is a success in itself.

What makes your heart beat faster?

My heart beats faster when I see the results of the team’s work because I know that I took part in the creation of something great and important.

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